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Guess what?! Your homegirl can fish!

I mean, I didn’t exactly catch any fish. Joe didn’t either, now that I think about it. (Yes, I’m well aware I just spilled what my cop friend’s name is. And, I don’t care. I’ll probably be writing about him a lot and typing “cop friend” over and over again will give me carpal tunnel.) But he taught me how to fish. I can cast and reel like a pro! (I’m hoping I’m using those terms correctly.) And I actually touched a worm!!

Let me back up a bit. First of all, the cabin was nothing like I imagined it would be. I heard the word “cabin” and I automatically thought of a small shack-like structure that’s possibly made out of logs that’s in the middle of nowhere where there’s not another living person for miles. But that wasn’t the case. When we got close to the lake, we drove up to a gate for which he had a little clicker (think garage door opener) to open it. After driving a little more the cement turned to gravel and we followed the narrow and winding path until he pulled up to a house. It was a small house with an attached garage he pulled into. And not a single log. Instead the exterior looked like it was made of stones. Out front was a porch with two rocking chairs and a dog bed for Daisy. And, in the back there was a deck with a table, grill, and even a jacuzzi. Inside, the living room and kitchen was one big room with a fireplace smack dab in the middle. Just off the living area was a small room that could be turned into a bedroom. But Joe used it to store fishing gear, supplies, and several boxes of his parents old stuff. The upstairs was just one big loft style bedroom that had a small and very modern bathroom off to the side. It also had the most amazing view over the lake. It’s no wonder when I asked Joe if his cabin had plumbing and running water he laughed when he reassured me. But, having never gone fishing before, who could blame me for thinking we were going to be roughing it?!

There were other “cabins” surrounding the lake as well. Some were bigger and others were smaller, but all were equally as beautiful. They were far apart from each other which gave a sense of privacy without being completely alone. When we took a stroll so we could explore, breathe in the fresh air, and admire the changing leaves, we passed an older man who, based on his questions, knew Joe’s parents really well. He was a sweet guy who called me “my dear” and even invited us over for dinner that night for some bbq ribs. We declined, but I thought it was sweet of him to offer. And he was the only other person we came across the whole time we were there.

And I know what you’ve all probably have been wondering about. What did I end up wearing when we went fishing? After my freak out about having nothing suitable to wear and a lengthy Facetime session with my sister, I settled on a pair of camo colored workout pants (stretchy so I’d be comfortable sitting in a boat for a long time), an army green t-shirt, and a dark gray zippered hoodie. Joe (who did the whole jeans, t-shirt, and a sweatshirt thing) teased me that my camo look was so I wouldn’t scare off the fish. But, I wasn’t completely incognito. He had bought be a bright pink Nike ball cap because, as he put it, even though the temperatures are starting to cool the bright sun off the lake could still give me a sunburn (since I’ve been wearing moisturizers and lotions that have at least an SPF 30 in them 365 days a year since I was 12, I appreciated his concern). He also bought me a pair of pink fingerless gloves so I would still be able to hold on to my fishing pole. They even have a little cap that I can pull over the tips of my fingers if they get too cold. I have a pair similar to them that I wear in the winter. But the ones Joe gave me are much thinner and lightweight, and they were perfect when we were out on the lake. The two different shades of pink of the hat and gloves didn’t exactly compliment my camo look, but I think I made it work.

And the lake was so beautiful! At first, I was a little afraid to be on the boat, especially as we got farther and farther from land. I wondered but didn’t ask if the boat had a life jacket I could put on. But all of that just faded away with the quiet, the beauty of nature surrounding us, and Joe’s patience teaching me how to fish. I’m proud to say it didn’t take me long to get the gist. About most everything except for the worms. At first Joe did the icky worm part for me. Then a little later he asked if I would like to try holding a worm just for a second to get the feel of it. Of course my immediate thought was to say, “No!” But, for me this trip was about trying new things. Plus I didn’t want to seem like a total wuss. So I did it. My worm was yucky, of course. But it wasn’t a traumatizing experience. And when Joe said he was going to show me how to put him on a hook, I instantly became very protective of my worm. So protective that I told him, “Don’t you dare hurt my worm!” and then I helped my worm escape by dropping him over the side of the boat. It was only after I dropped him that I wondered if worms could swim, if they could breathe under the water, and I realized that it was a big possibility that some fish gobbled him up before he even reached the bottom of the lake. But at least he didn’t have to suffer the indignities of a metal hook piercing through his body. And the rest of the time that we fished I was adamant that no worms be used on my pole.

We stayed out on the lake for hours and I was in no rush to go back to shore. Sitting there in the quiet, a deep sense of peace washed over me. It’s a similar sensation to when I mediate. It felt amazing to simply sit and be completely content in the present moment. After a while it did get a little chilly even though the sky was clear and the sun was bright. When my body gave a little shiver and Joe happened to notice, he said he was taking me back to the house to warm up. But I didn’t want to leave just yet and insisted I was fine. So, instead, he sat close and pulled me into his body so we could share our body heat. And, believe me, that was so much better than warming up at the house.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday went by so fast (we came home Sunday night). I was so sad to see it go. Who knew I would like fishing?! Well, I like parts of fishing. I don’t like the worm part and I have no idea what I would have done if I caught an actual fish. (If my experience with the worm is any indication, I probably would have made Joe throw any fish I might have caught back in the water.) But it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to trying again.


3:32 p.m. - 2020-10-19


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